In 2016, I took a whole year out of social media in order to focus on my life more and put some things to the right place. I wrote this poem of the motions and feelings I went through as I came to the end of myself and sacrificed it pretty much all.

Locked up with a heavy handcuff,
The screens of my life had to turn off.
It was something I couldn’t ignore,
I could not handle it anymore.

Messages didn’t light up in darkness,
Loneliness told me that everyone is heartless.
Likes no longer beating the rhythm,
This was my one and only algorithm.

Because my mirror was different than my feed,
The pixelated image of me, disagreed.
All I wanted was to seek You more,
With doubts in my mind I was ready to fall.

Then You found me in the mystery,
Knowing that it’s all part of the journey.
I trusted you with all my heart,
Because I knew that you set me apart.

Isolation from my displays,
The blurred memory of my face.
Your presence has never left me,
You guided me in the midst of deep sea.

You introduced the real me to myself,
And your promises filled my heart instead.
Your plans for my future are wild.
As dead bones indeed come to life.

I found the greatest oasis in the desert,
That breathes in me when I feel hurt.
Living water poured into my spirit,
My long story short, I know; it’s great, init?!

Bence Borbely

2 Replies to “#Anti_Social_Media”

  1. #levels. Great stuff sir. I know people talk about taking a month off or giving up social media for lent but you did it for an entire year. Bless you ^_^

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